Leisure Project - Original Citrus


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473 mL - Hydrating Wellness-Ade
Calm, Balance, Clarity

The original citrus hydrating wellness-ade tastes like lemonade reimagined, but without all the junk. Balanced with a refreshingly equal amount of nostalgia and function, each can of original citrus gives you hydration and mental clarity for the you you are on your most productive days.


non-carbonated - 30 cal - 5g sugar - 900 mg electrolytes - 200 mg magnesium - adaptogens & nootropics



Each can of Leisure is crafted with a hydrating and stress-balancing blend of plant-based & ocean-derived nutrients for a less stressed, more focused you.


Ocean Minerals (OmniBlue®)

Electrolytes and minerals from the ocean, never a lab - because why would you use ingredients your body can’t even absorb?

Vitamin D3 (VegD3®)

100% of your daily Vitamin D3, sourced from plants to help keep your mood bright even on those stressful days.

Magnesium (OmniBlue®)

An “anti-stress mineral” to help relax your mind and body - so you can focus your attention towards pursuing what you love, not what’s in your way.

L-Theanine (SunTheanine®)

An adaptogen that helps balance your energy and calm the mind so you can be your most productive self each day.

Lemon Balm

A calming adaptogen to help you feel balanced and centered so you can take on whatever your day throws at you with ease.


An adaptogenic herb known for its ability to help manage stress and anxiety.

Customer Reviews

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Fond of presecco
Leisure Project citrus

This is wonderfully refreshing snd hydrating. It is not too sweet. You can feel it hydrating the body.I have one of the Leisure Project flavors everyday.

Vicki Dodge
Gave me a great boost

I had bought a can of mango ginger to try. Recently I was feeling very low energy and thought the drink might help. It was delicious and within an hour I definitely had more energy. Will definitely be buying more cans!