Myth - Spiced Dark Cane Spirit


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500 ml - Dark, Spiced

Deliciously alcohol-free spiced spirit with sweet molasses and flavoured with fiery ginger and black pepper.

“Rum and vanilla on the nose. A liquorice dry and attractive burnt sugar taste.”


vegan - gluten free



Water, Treacle (Cane Molasses and Partially Inverted Sugar Syrup), Vegetable Glycerine, Seasoning Blend, Flavorings, Natural Colour (Apple Extract, Black Carrot Concentrate, Molasses, Hibiscus Extract), Acidity Regulator (Malic Acid), Preservative (Potassium Sorbate)

Customer Reviews

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Glenn foy
1st review

I would like a little stronger taste. Nice and smooth.

George Bernt
MYTH Dark Spiced Cane Rum

It's on the sweeter side and I loved it with Pepsi and ice. It doesn't have a peppery finish like some Sprits. If you are the mock rum drinks, I think this is what you need to try ! Always remember you can drop into the store and try the products. I am sure you will walk out with your hands full. They have some very nice Wines aswell.

Nancy Wolfe
Taste is great

Taste was on point, the only downfall would be that the bottle expires a month after opening it? It’s a little pricey for something I won’t finish in thirty days.

Della Mansoff
Unique taste

You taste different spices in this unique drink. I need to pickup more.

Louise Ross

It’s awesome add a little mix and lime juice so yummy….