Collection: ONES+

1% alcohol Inclusive
No added sugar Made from 100% BC wine



Friends First.

Provinces apart, Chris and Tyler grew up on family farms. Chris’ background led him to work in cherry and apple breeding in Summerland, while Tyler found his way back to the land through winemaking in the Okanagan. Over the years (and glasses of wine) they realized there was a hole in the market for the non-drinker who was interested in a proper bottle of non-alcoholic wine. They landed on ONES+, a 1% wine made with BC Grapes with no added sugars or chemicals. They are proud to be making the Okanagan’s only non-alcoholic wine.




We say Every host should have Ones.
Because an invitation is an offer to make a guest feel welcome and included.
It’s about the simple accommodations.
You don’t like broccoli? No problem.
You need to duck out to call your babysitter? No problem.
You’re avoiding refined sugar? No problem.
You’re not drinking? No problem.
We can’t help with the babysitting and broccoli, but we can help with the non-alcoholic wine and no sugar added.
We’ve made it easy to help you set the table for any guest.

Enjoy Ones!