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NULL - Grüner Weiss

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Studio NULL

Founded in 2021 and made in partnership with award-winning, family-run vineyards and top dealcoholization experts in Europe, Studio Null offers non-alcoholic wines that are uncompromising and complex. As a collaborative concept, it draws on a diverse and evolving portfolio of international winemakers and artists to deliver the best tasting flavors in formats that are familiar yet original, and always a pleasure to drink.

The Sobr Market - providing options

Lifestyle choice?  Mental health clarity?  Personal health goals?   Abstaining?  Taking a break?  Safe driving?  Physical training performance?  Family planning?  Getting up early?  Better sleep?  Improving relationships?  Just because!  There are many reasons you might want to switch it up. 

After having tasted much of what the world has to offer, we have done the weighing and measuring, and you won’t be left wanting.  These are the products you will find in our own home that we personally enjoy and offer to family and friends.

Social Creatures

Social experiences should not be compromised by choosing a beverage that works with your lifestyle.  The Sobr Market is here to keep the connection alive with alternative beverages with either no or low alcoholic content. 

 How often do we attend a social event where drinking is a focal point of the experience?  Many occasions are often marked with the consumption of a beverage to celebrate.  A toast to the bride and groom – a sip-and-see for a newborn baby – an evening around a bonfire - a gathering where life is discussed.  When hosting an event, “What can I get you to drink?” is often the first question we ask our guests.    

More and more consumers are looking for non-alcoholic alternatives to enjoy during these pinnacle moments of life.  Life experiences should never be compromised just because one chooses to enjoy a beverage without alcohol. 

The Sobr Market was born out of this assumed requirement between social enjoyment and alcohol to now provide alternatives that can be enjoyed anywhere, any time, all the time!

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