At Søbr Market, our mission is simple: bring the best non-alcoholic drinks to as many people as possible.

How often do we attend a social event where drinking is a focal point of the experience?

A toast to the bride and groom, a sip-and-see for a newborn baby, an evening around a bonfire, a nice dinner with friends. Saying no to alcohol can feel like saying no to all those things.

Søbr Market exists to help change that.

We believe that social experiences should never be compromised simply because someone doesn't drink alcohol.

We aim to keep the connection alive with alcohol alternatives that help people enjoy life's moments in a way that works for them.


Make sure all our customers feel seen, understood, and included. 

De-centre alcohol from social situations and eliminate the stigmas associated with alcohol-free options.

Work with brands to help raise the bar for non-alcoholic products. 

Our stores give people convenient access to the widest selection of high quality alcohol-free products.


We strive to make our stores welcoming spaces for people to explore everything the alcohol-free market has to offer.

Our customers are free to sample any of our alcohol-free spirits before they buy - we want everyone to leave happy with their purchase!

Søbr Market team members are experts about the products we carry, and are always willing to offer suggestions and recommendations.

Our stores are absolutely judgement-free. There are lots of reasons someone may not be drinking alcohol, and we’re happy to help regardless of what that reason is.

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