Drinks for anyone, anytime, anywhere.

We're proud to offer worldwide delivery for the best alcohol-free products available.

We currently offer third-party package protection through Onward. We strongly suggest keeping the Onward Insurance on all shipping orders.

Onward protects your purchase from all theft, loss, and damage, including freezing during transit. Couriers such as Canada Post and UPS do not cover any damage to liquids (no matter the reason). With Onward, the replacement process is quick, easy and free of charge!

Please review Onwards coverage here.

Shipping, Delivery & Pickup



Shipping is available worldwide.

- Low flat-rate shipping options across Canada.  See options at checkout.

- Discounted carrier calculated rates for international orders.

Listen up, international shoppers, we're about to sprinkle a bit of tax talk in the mix! If your goodies are headed to the USA, buckle up, because customs duties and taxes are like unexpected guests crashing your delivery party. They'll be tapping you on the shoulder at the door, and you'll need to foot the bill right then and there. Surprise!  

Most orders under $800 USD are like tax and duty ninjas, slipping through the customs radar like they're on a secret mission. It's like the universe's way of saying, "Hey, you're in the tax-free zone, enjoy the shopping rollercoaster without any surprise drops!"

Now, for our EU pals, it's a different shindig. Your shipments will have a VIP pass for the appropriate VAT party at checkout. No need to panic at the delivery doorstep – we're handling the customs chaos in advance. It's like we're throwing a pre-customs bash, and you're on the guest list!



Pickup is available at both the Toronto and Winnipeg Bottle Shops.

You will receive a pickup confirmation email when your order is ready - typically ready within an hour of placing your order (during store hours).

Please unselect Onward from your pickup orders.  It is not required.



Next day local delivery is available in Toronto and Winnipeg. 

Orders placed before 10am may be delivered same day upon request but no guarantees!

FREE for orders over $500
$5 for orders between $250 and $500
$10 for orders under $250



Ahoy, Thirst Quenchers! As the ultimate sip-sellers, we're like beverage ninjas, dodging obstacles and braving the wild seas of shipping to get your package to you at warp speed. But hold onto your cup holders, folks, 'cause winter brings its own set of icy challenges!

Our drinks are the teetotalers of the party, meaning they don't do well in freezing temps. Jack Frost's chill can be a buzzkill for our non-alcoholic goodies. So, we've got our eyes on the weather like meteorologists on a caffeine high, trying to find the perfect window to sling your orders without turning them into beverage popsicles.

Now, during the frosty months, if your package is hitching a ride on the ground, there's a teeny additional $5.00 fee built into the price. Why? Well, we're investing in some extra swag – materials that'll armor your drinks against the icy grip of winter. Think of it as the superhero cape for your beloved beverages.

But wait, there's more! Every order comes with Onward insurance pre-selected. It's like a beverage bodyguard. If, by some cosmic joke, our cold weather packaging fails and your precious cargo takes a hit, Onward's got you covered.

At The Sobr Market, we're all about being as clear as a glass of water. While we're pulling out all the stops to shield your orders, we're not miracle workers. Winter mishaps may happen. If your contents resemble a scene from an ice age disaster, hit up our team. We'll swoop in like beverage superheroes and send you a replacement faster than you can say, "Frostbite-free refreshments, please!" 🥤❄️



Hey savvy shoppers, listen up! We're not just throwing confetti; we're unleashing the comedy cannons because it's time to talk about Onward Insurance – your ultimate shipping superhero! Forget capes; Onward shields your purchase from chaos like a fearless guardian angel. Canada Post and UPS might be delivery magicians, but when it comes to liquid mishaps, they're pulling a disappearing act faster than a rabbit in a hat!

Imagine this: a box of frozen drinks doing the frosty cha-cha on your doorstep. Not the grand entrance you were hoping for, right? Fear not, fellow adventurer! Onward's got your back, and the replacement process is smoother than butter on a hot pancake – quick, easy, and the best part? It won't cost you a single coin! It's like having a comedy show where your misplaced items, porch thieves, and damaged goods are the stars, and Onward is the director shouting, "Cue the laughter!"

Ready for more? Onward doesn't just cover the basics; it's the whole package deal! From porch pilferers to items playing hide-and-seek, Onward's got it all under its comic spell. Check out the Onward coverage page – it's like the Marvel universe of shipping, but with fewer capes and more laughter!  Dive into the hilarious saga right here, and get ready for a rollercoaster of chuckles and coverage wonders.