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 Goodvines Canada - premium alcohol free wines from germany


Goodvines premium alcohol free white wine canada Goodvines Premium alcohol free wine canada



GOODVINES combines the values ​​of the best wine tradition with the growing need for carefree and natural enjoyment.

The best way to enjoy in style, adult and non-alcoholic.


... is more than just alcohol-free wine. It embodies an attitude towards life, self-determination and a new drinking culture.

Ideal for those who are looking for first-class non-alcoholic pleasure and want to refresh themselves.


Selected wines are gently dealcoholized and carefully refined by master hands.

The addition of artificial flavors or granulated sugar is deliberately avoided - for the highest purity and quality.


With our first-class non-alcoholic premium wine products, we help all those who want or need to abstain from alcohol to preserve the pleasures of an enjoyable life. 

The ideal drink at any time and for any occasion.



Goodvines Ready to drink sparkling wine alcohol free Canada Goodvines - premium non-alcoholic wines Canada

There are many reasons to give up alcohol. However, that doesn't mean you have to give up the taste. But on the contrary!

GOODVINES offers alcohol-free wine enjoyment and the opportunity to enjoy wine carefree and at any time of the day. Ideal for anyone looking for a non-alcoholic alternative to wine and sparkling wine. 

Goodvines non-alcoholic wines can also be drunk during pregnancy. The alcohol content is 0.0%.
For comparison: apple juice has about 0.2% alcohol and grape juice about 1.0% alcohol.