Like bourbon. But better.

    It was from this simple premise — that you can make a cocktail that isn’t a cocktail, one that everyone can enjoy — that Spiritless was born.

    Creating a non-alcoholic spirit in the birthplace of bourbon isn’t for the meek and mild. But our history of entrepreneurship, coupled with our decades of full-proof spirits experience, told us it could be done.

    Our early efforts at distilling non-alcoholic spirits were mixed, at best. (If you’re picturing a PVC pipe and a popcorn machine, well, you’re not too far off.) Undaunted, we kept experimenting. Taste-testing. Tinkering.


    Less is Yes!

    Spiritless supports the conscientious cocktailers, the no-and-low-ers, the people who want to live fully but shake, stir, sip and celebrate differently. We look forward to the day that any consumer can walk into any bar, choose a cocktail and #OrderItSpiritless.