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    Raise your vibe with Rock Grace's collection of healthy alternatives to wine and champagne.


    Rock Grace Canada - alcohol free adaptogenic crystal elixir wine alternatives


    A healthy alternative to wine and champagne.  

    No alcohol, no calories, no compromise.  Infused with beauty + wellness benefits and crystal energy. Made with good for you ingredients, good vibes + love.    

    rock grace - all natural ingredients for premium healthy beverages


    The Mission

    Rock Grace is setting the stage for next generation drinking, providing an exciting collection of premium non-alcoholic beverages designed as healthy and luxurious wine and champagne alternatives with beauty and wellness benefits for your contemporary lifestyle.  Rock Grace is infused with crystal energy, beauty enhancing botanicals, and healing adaptogens that promote well-being.

    Rock Grace - elevated drinking for a future generation

    Our mission is to inspire you to create a lifestyle you love through beverages that make you feel good and empowered. 

    Rock Grace is the only all-natural premium non-alcoholic beverage combining energy, beauty, and wellness that aligns with your lifestyle goals and is versatile. It is made with good for you, high quality ingredients, good vibes and love to support your affirmations, create your happy place, and give you a glow from within so you can start drinking with purpose, intention, peace of mind, and zero negative side effects.  

    Creating beverages without compromise, Rock Grace delivers all of the feels of a wine and champagne experience and offers the perfect solution for mindful drinking darlings, inner beauty babes, and anyone taking a conscious approach to consuming and drinking better and beautifully.

    Rock Grace - elevated, premium, sophisticated, next generation, leveled up drinking

    The Process

    The crystals we use are pure, ethically sourced, and hand-picked by a world-renowned crystal energy specialist for exclusive use in the making of Rock Grace.  Each crystal in our unique collection is chosen based on its beauty and super powers and is positively charged under a new moon.  

    The energy of the crystals is infused into each bottle of Rock Grace using an indirect, proprietary method and is involved in every point of the production cycle from the mixing of the healing ingredients to the finished bottle. 

    The crystals, clean ingredients, and small batch process used are of the finest quality and a lot of time and care go into the making of each batch of Rock Grace.  Rock Grace prides itself on quality and excellence.  We also hold ourselves to the Rock Grace Standard;  only creating beverages that make you feel good and empowered.

    Rock Grace Crystal Elixir - enhance energy, wellbeing - promote health


    Rock Grace Canada - Crystal Elixir - premium wine alternative infused with adaptogens, botanicals, and crystal energy Rock Grace Canada - Ruby Reserve - premium wine alternative infused with adaptogens, botanicals, and crystal energy Rock Grace Canada - RGlow - premium champagne with adaptogens, botanicals and crystal energy




    Beauty and wellness drink infused with crystal energy, botanicals, and adaptogens.

    Next Generation Drinking

    Premium Non-Alcoholic Beverage | Non-GMO | No Allergens | No Artificial Colors or Flavors

    Calorie, Gluten, Sugar, Sweetener, Preservative, Sulfite, Guilt, Negative Energy Free

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