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Mavrik Drinks - Non-Alcoholic Cocktails in Canada & USA - best alcohol free drinks - tasty delicious and hangover free
Mavrik Non-Alcoholic Cocktails - cuban mojito, aromatic G & T - hangover free libations


What started as a casual conversation relating to what we perceived as a total absence of decent tasting alternatives to our usual alcoholic tipple, ended up becoming our obsession and passion – how could we create a range of great tasting, low calorie alcohol-free cocktails?

And so, eighteen months and hundreds of tasting sessions later, Mavrik was born - a great tasting range of healthy, virgin cocktails. 


vegan - low calorie - all natural - gluten free - nothing artificial - distinctly delicious


Fancy a non alcoholic, low calorie, refreshing and utterly delicious tipple while still feeling a little bit of a treat? Browse the range of Mavrik cocktails: