Mash Gang Beers - Craft Award Winning Beer


    No Alc? No problemo.

    Mash Gang Canada - Craft beers with no alcohol

    From a brew bucket in the kitchen in 2020, to one of the most talked about, and innovative new breweries in the world by 2023.

    A bunch of friends who started brewing NOLO beers during the 1st lockdown. After a fairly successful first launch we went a bit rogue and made about 9 beers in 3 months, people kept wanting more so, we kept making them.

    We didn't quite intend to start a company and carry on after lockdown ended, but here we are. A multi award winning brewery with some of the most loved beers in the world. 


    How do you make it low alcohol?

    No, it isn't unfermented wort, nah, we don't boil off the alcohol from a higher abv beer. We use standard brewing kit, with cutting edge brewing techniques and  high quality ingredients to bring full flavoured craft beers.

    "Always brewed to strength, with premium ingredients" 


    Is it vegan?

    All beers we produce are free from animal products, byproducts, and dairy. 

    Right down to the adhesive on the can labels and tape on the boxes.