gradient vodka soda - beverages for a smart healthy lifestyle

    The new standard is

    no standard.

    When it comes to people and parties, there is no standard. So, why should we always drink "standard" 5% alc./vol. drinks?

    Drink different.  Gradient is on a mission to change the way we drink, with innovative beverages designed to keep your night bright.  Here, at The Sobr Market we offer gradient's 0% alcohol free drinks for anyone, anytime.


    gradient drinks vodka sodas 0% alcohol - pure ingredients
    Gradient's 0% drinks are made with only three ingredients: carbonated water, natural flavours and citric acid.

    By drinking less and less through the night you can keep a drink in hand without letting the night get out of hand.
    Gradient offers their drinks in a range of ABVs, from 8% all the way down to 0%
    Gradient Drinks - vodka sodas - keep your night bright and in the perfect state