Glen Dochus

Collection: Glen Dochus


Discover the exhilaration of lofty peaks and vast open landscapes in a beverage fit for adventurers, explorers and independent spirits. Infused with the very essence of Scotland, Glen Dochus is the perfect choice for anyone who’s choosing to go non-alcoholic.

Nurtured by nature and crafted by hand using the finest, most premium ingredients, Glen Dochus is a prestigious blend of exceptional flavours that’s a healthy alternative to old-world spirits.

Full-bodied, aromatic and velvety smooth, every bottle of Glen Dochus contains a tale of taste and wonder – just waiting to be discovered.


Crafted with pure Royal Deeside Water and rich with the smooth, soothing flavours of the Scottish Highlands, each non-alcoholic spirit blend has its own unique story to share.

What’s more, being halal compliant, vegan, gluten free and low in sugar and calories, they’re the perfect companion for everyone and anyone looking for an exhilarating, healthy non-alcoholic alternative to the old-world drinks they know and love.






“For years, those choosing to drink less alcohol were forced to drink sub-par alternatives. We wanted to change that. So we created Spirits of Virtue – grown-up, non-alcoholic drinks of exceptional quality and flavour, for those who demand just that little bit more. See you at the bar.”

Roddy and Kerr