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Figlia Canada - Frizzante - non alcoholic spritz - sophisticated adult drinks - floral, herbal, complex - campari
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Figlia - Fiore Frizzante
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Figlia Fiore Canada Non-Alcoholic Aperitivo - made for smart drinking
Figlia - Fiore
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Figlia Fiore Canada - Non-Alcoholic Beverages in WinnipegFiglia was born out of a desire to have more honest and inclusive conversations around alcohol consumption. The inspiration for creating Figlia is one that is very personal. For most of my young life, I watched my father battle with alcoholism and at the age of 20, I lost him to the disease. Alcoholism comes in many shapes and sizes and may be closer to you than you realize.

Everyone has a different relationship with drinking. I, myself, enjoy a glass of wine from time to time, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve found that it doesn’t make me feel that good anymore. In fact, I find that I like not drinking even better. But not drinking is still seen as different. Non-drinkers are still seen as outsiders. Non-alcoholic beverages are, more often than not, left on the back page of the menu. 

So, I decided to create Figlia. For those who are going zero proof, for whatever reason.

To create an active community and a place for fun. The type of dinner table that always has an open seat for all experiences and stories. Where no one is an outsider and there is something special to sip for all. All natural ingredients, no added sugars, no preservatives, no pressure. Grab a seat. 

I’m so glad you’re here!

Lily Geiger, Founder 


Figlia Alcohol Free Drinks Canada

all natural ingredients, no added sugar, no preservatives, no pressure


About Figlia

Figlia is a modern, non-alcoholic aperitivo company helping create moments to remember. In Italy, aperitivo culture is a ritual for people to come together by enjoying conversation over drinks—no special occasion needed. Figlia honors this tradition with all the complexity and flavor but without the alcohol. Founded in 2020, Figlia was created by Lily Geiger in honor of her late father, who battled alcoholism. This experience led Lily to Figlia - perfect aperitif for all occasions - family events, dinner with friends, casual get togethers, fine diningexplore society’s relationship with alcohol as well as her own. Many conversations later, she found that others shared her desire for community without the pressure of consuming alcohol. This inspired Lily’s mission to create an aperitivo that preserves its culinary integrity and fosters community without the negative effects of alcohol. Figlia was born as a tribute to the power of family—both the given and the chosen—and the value of open conversation to build community.