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dromme - non-alcoholic spirit
Dromme Drink Canada


The founders of Drømme have a vision of a world where zero proof expands the range of cocktails for everyone. Where cocktail culture can be classic without getting hazy. Where the sophistication, taste, and elegance of having a drink isn’t defined by its proof. Where the meaning of “drink” isn’t in its effects—it’s in its flavor profile. We’re the spirited sibling to alcohol. Complex and bright-eyed, Drømme is a versatile flavor profile that adds levels of complexity and intrigue to your cocktails and nootropics drinks.


Drømme is a bespoke, zero-proof blend of natural botanicals and functionals. We bring sophisticated tastes and sensations to your cocktail hour. It’s a nootropics elixir without the alcohol. An option to cocktail culture when you’re ready to feel something new. A choice to shift your mental state without using alcohol.

dromme - drink and celebrate with friends

Whether you’re abstaining or just pacing yourself, Drømme zero-proof helps you stay present in your moment. Skål!