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For more than 380 years now Einig-Zenzen have been dedicated to the wine trade in many ways. During this long time – in particular since its foundation in its current legal form as early as 1939 – we could gather a substantial asset of experience and expertise which we gladly use to the benefit of our world-wide customer base.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance starts at EINIG-ZENZEN with the very first step of careful selection and control of the wine growers, from the different wine producing regions and countries. Prior to the final bottling, all wines are carefully examined in organoleptical as well as analytical matters through our licensed laboratory, which is fully equipped with the most advanced technology and well educated and trained staff.

EINIG-ZENZEN has been IFS certified at the highest level. The International Food Standard (IFS) confirms that our winery fulfills highest quality, security, and higher hygiene standards of all our products at all stages of vinification and production. All products that have left our winery can be traced back to its origin


Nullnummer® - Dealcoholized & Reduced-Calorie

Get inspired by the fruity and refreshing taste of the dealcoholized and reduced-calorie NULLNUMMER® wines. Experience the typical taste of Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Zinfandel Rosé and Cabernet Sauvignon in a dealcoholized version.