The team at Ransom Distillery Created Dhōs Non-Alcoholic Spirits With An Eye Toward Craftmanship And More Mindful Consumption For Free-Spirited Individuals.




    The Creation of Dhōs

    stemmed from a conversation at our Ransom Farm & Distillery in Oregon when someone asked ‘what if we could provide the craft cocktail experience, yet without any of the alcohol, giving people the freedom to drink on their own terms?’ With that, we tasted through the ‘virtual brands’ currently on the market and quickly realized that a grounding in actual craft spirits would be invaluable in creating a true quality craft spirit experience, without the alcohol. We pulled our crafty minds together and Dhōs was born — a line of great tasting non-alcoholic spirits delivering the aromas, flavors and mixability of your favorite classic craft spirits, with only one missing ingredient… alcohol. 


    Made With The Purest And Cleanest Ingredients

    We use the approach of mixing ingredients to produce Dhōs, not the removal of alcohol method. Tapping into our extensive experience of blending wines and spirits we understand the importance of each component that goes into the final product. Starting with the ingredients, we use natural botanicals and ingredients like citrus and spices to deliver a craft experience without the proof. Each recipe is handcrafted in small lots to ensure quality and consistency. Production is done by our team at the distillery, and each batch receives the same attention that goes into crafting and blending our whiskey and barrel aged gin. Mixing is a 3-step process and at each stage we make sure the batch is meeting our quality standards. Finished product is subjected to ageing and microbial stability testing. Our products are unfiltered to ensure that the maximum flavor and aroma comes through in the finished product.




    is produced with steam distilled pure Juniper Berry oil combined with other natural flavors of orange and grapefruit which are cold pressed to retain complex flavors and intense aromatics. Gin Free is made with all-natural flavors and is lab tested and certified pesticide-free.


    is produced with all-natural flavors of Naval oranges, tangerines, as well as Curaçao oranges to produce intense aromatics and complex flavor profiles. Secondary all- natural flavors of sweet vanilla and fresh citrus blossoms are added to deliver roundness and richness on the palate. A hint of menthol is added to deliver the same warming sensation you would experience from a liqueur.


    is produced using precise flavors and extracted oils to create intensity. Spice notes are a combination of fresh vanilla bean, bitter roots, dried and fresh green herbs, and crushed field flowers, all cold pressed to express their purest and natural expression. Bittersweet is made with all-natural flavors and is lab tested and certified pesticide-free.  


    Craft the perfect cocktails with Dhōs recipes!