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At Dead Horse Cider they enjoy the little things in life like

good company and crafting good cider

Dead Horse Cider is a cidery, taproom & farm adjacent to the meandering Dead Horse Creek in the apple rich enclave of southern Manitoba.


Dead Horse Cider - local farm to table cider - organic - all natural


Dead Horse Creek Manitoba - opportunity farm - apples - cider - juice 

In 2011, nestled along the Dead Horse Creek in southern Manitoba, Covenant Growers, a vegetable farming operation, was sold to Marcus - a progressive, fourth generation farmer and unbeknownst to him at the time, the future founder of Dead Horse Cider.

Like on most farms, used equipment tends to inspire new possibilities and in 2016 Marcus added a new but well-loved, apple press to the farm and soon after, fresh pressed juice was bottled and Burwalde Juice was born.

Faced with the predicament of perishable fresh pressed juice, Marcus recognized another opportunity with the equipment at hand and sought out to learn and create a more sustainable apple juice product. In 2018, under the name Dead Horse Cider, the first hard cider was released and a new found passion was realized.

As the world faced new challenges in 2020, Matthew, a Certified Sommelier living and working in California, decided it was time to hitch it home. Returning back to Manitoba with his family and, by happenstance, soon found a welcoming opportunity at Dead Horse Cider.

Marcus and Matthew, along with friends, family members and those that appreciate a well crafted drink, make Dead Horse Cider what it is today. An award winning cidery rooted in hardworking ambition to create, experience and share life and all the good things in it.


Dead Horse Cider Company - great tasting cider from Manitoba