buz minus booze


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    bonbuz canada - alcohol free spirit

    get charged, tune in, feel everything.

    here to electrify drinking culture, our active ingredients heighten your senses and transport you to a deeper mind-body experience. tune in to your inner wildness + social hype minus the toxic additives and hangovers.

    our function-first approach exists for a better headbuz. imagine the coolest kid in the room, dancin’ hard, free of drama. they’re not boozin’, they’re drinking bonbuz.

    with our super fresh and vibrantly bold palates, we promise your taste buds will tingle - and bring you the bon in every buz :)


    nootropics infused drinks canada - clarity - mind health

    be one smart cookie


    compounds, like 5-htp + natural caffeine from green tea that provide brain boosting benefits enhancing mental clarity, creativity and motivation.

    amino acid infused drinks - healthy - benefits - lifestyle

    get hyped

    amino acids

    l-tyrosine, used in every cell of your body to build the proteins you need to survive and sustain bountiful energy levels

    adaptogen infused beverage - non-alcoholic drinks canada

    bye bye bad vibes


    the healing herbs like pyridoxine- hcl, a vitamin-b6; ginger root + rhodiola rosea help expand your mind and body’s natural ability to handle stress + fatigue

    alcohol free • sugar free • gluten free • 5 cal per serving • functional ingredients • sustainably produced • never hungover

    bonbuz OG Canada

    the first born bottle of alcohol-free stimulation. imagine a spirit so bold and unvirginal, you think twice about the contents of it. refreshingly citrusy, vibrantly bitter, shocking mouthfeels.

    it's gettin' hot in here! the hottest thing since hot sauce, bonbuz slowburn is here to tickle your senses with aliveness. if you lean spicy and wanna throw flames, this is your opportunity for fire.

    leading with flirty flavors like blood orange, grapefruit + jalapeño, we pack a punchy, warm and well-rounded blend of citrus spice that brings the lips to a tingle and the body to heat.

    bonbuz Slowburn Canada