One For The Road - Got Hops? IPA


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473 mL

This Beer Certainly Does Got Hops!

Fruity, citrus-like characteristics grab your attention. This beer is all about the hop flavour, aroma and bitterness. It'll make you smile, refresh you and leave you satisfied long enough to get another!

This refreshing IPA is perfect apres activity or paired with:

1. Spicy Tuna Roll

2. Strong Cheeses

3. Rice Pudding


ABV: 0.50%

IBU: 46

Calories (473 mL): 48

Carbohydrates (473 mL): 7g

Customer Reviews

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Sande Hammill
One for the Road - Got Hops? IPA

Yummmm! As a former IPA snob, I was pretty ok with the Athletic Brewery’s Run Wild option. UNTIL I tasted OFTR Got Hops? So nice to half a craft beer sized can (instead of the short ones) and to have it taste like honest to goodness beer! My top beer is the OFTR Proceed with Caution Amber (5 star) but the Got Hops is second in line for me. This is a wickedly great NA brewery!

Colin McLachlan

One For The Road - Got Hops? IPA

Dave Normandale
Got Hops -- yeah, but...

The IPA inside the can doesn't quite live up to the title on the outside. Don't get me wrong, it's head & shoulders above any other nonalc beer I have tried. It's definitely a summer ale that doesn't require another immediately afterward. The taste lingers, it's refreshing & I would buy it again. I am looking for an ale, however, that has a bit more bite: even more hops. Good value for the price, and would be a great accompaniment to fish & chips, especially if it's a shore lunch.