Lautus - Sauvignon Blanc
Lautus - Sauvignon Blanc

Lautus - Sauvignon Blanc

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750 mL
Sauvignon Blanc

Great care was taken removing the alcohol from this cool climate white wine, showcasing pure aromas of gooseberry, capsicum and citrus. The elegant palate is underpinned by sumptuous tropical fruit and lime flavours, finishing with a fresh acidity and lingering aftertaste.

To be enjoyed in its purist and natural form, without the restrictions of alcohol.

Less than 0.5% alcohol by volume.



The alcohol is removed via spinning cone technology at low temperature under vacuum. The initial phase is to first remove the flavour, set aside. Then the alcohol is removed and once done we can take the flavour back to the de- alcoholised wine. There is a significant volume loss during

processing, a portion of the alcohol water is then again put through the process to extract the water. And added back. This helps to fill out the palate and balance acidity. Normal winemaking practices are followed from here in preparation for bottling.

Customer Reviews

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The nose was stoney limestone while the tongue was acidic with a finish similar to vinegar. I might use it for cooking but not for drinking. One star = really disappointed.

Best Dry White Non Alcohol wine i've had to date!

This wine was amazing! Most dealcoholized white wines are overly sweet and taste too much like grape juice. This was the only one i've found to be very similar in taste, mouthfeel and aroma. It is a still wine and not sparkling, so be aware of that if you're looking for bubbles. Highly recommend and will be purchasing more!

Tara Leach
Get cherry beer instead!

I didn’t care for it at all - just a flat, not sweet, not dry, vaguely grape flavour, unlike the delicious no alcohol cherry beer - Force Majeur - I ordered from you as well. That was delicious. I give that one five stars!

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