Gimber Original and Brut - Ginger Concentrate - alcohol free drink with bite - low sugar - low calorie alcohol alternative available at The Sobr Market in Winnipeg Canada
Alcohol Free Drink with Bite - Gimber in Canada at The Sobr Market - refreshing delicious alcohol alternative

Gimber - Duo-Pack: N°1 Original + N°2 Brut

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500 mL x 2
Taste the difference between our GIMBER N°1, The Original and GIMBER N°2, BRUT

You maybe already know GIMBER The Original, the organic ginger concentrate with lemon, herbs & spices.

Now we proudly present GIMBER N°2 BRUT. With 50% less sugar, some premium yuzu and lemon thyme, BRUT is the new organic ginger concentrate on the GIMBER scene.

Fresh and bold as ever, GIMBER N°2 BRUT won't fail to deliver exactly what you expect from a classic GIMBER serve: freshness and the original bite.



Mix 20-30ml of GIMBER with crisp sparkling water and garnish with a personal touch. Ideal for 20 servings. Delicious in non-alcoholic cocktails!  Here are some Gimber recommended recipes.



GIMBER N°1 ORIGINAL: 38% ginger*, cane sugar*, lemon*, water, spices*. (*organic origin)

GIMBER N°2 BRUT: 41% ginger*, water, lemon*, cane sugar*, herbs*, yuzu* (*organic origin)

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R. C. Lee
A Gimber and Sobr Market find.

First had a taste of Gimber when I was in Brussels and fell in love. Unfortunately it is not sold in the U.S., but was fortunate to find it at the Sobr Market and even more fortunate that they ship to the States. I loved the ease of ordering and how quickly the product arrived securely packaged. I even received a kind note from one of the owners. I will definitely order again and perhaps try more of the products from the Sobr Market website.