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Beer-athon Bundle

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355mL x 24

Try 24 unique Athletic Brews!  Selection will vary depending on what's currently in stock.  With seasonal varieties and limited editions coming and going you never know what exactly we'll have on hand at any given time.  We can't guarantee which beers you will receive with 24-30 varieties typically in stock.  But what we can tell you, is that you won't be disappointed.  Athletic Brewing is pushing the boundaries for what NA beers can be and taste like.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Pamela Robertson
Best ever!

Enjoying the beer-a thon bundle very much! Great tasting - amazing they are alcohol free. Thank you for providing an alcohol free beer that tastes great!

Ramin Hamedani
Great selection

Great selection of non alcoholic beer
Pricing is quite reasonable

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