Droplet - Variety Pack

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355 mL x 6 or 12

Can't decide? Stock up on all three of the flavors with our 6-pack mixed sampler. You'll get 2 of each— that means more changes to find out which droplet was made for you and your vibe.

Or double it up with a 12 pack!


2/4x Pretty Bright

yuzu citrus + ginger + reishi mushroom to boost immunity, revitalize, and rejuvenate

used in traditional chinese medicine to activate qi, reishi is a superhero for your immune system.

your new go-to for that week you're feeling blah/jetlagged/foggy. like a yuzu-lemonade with a kick of ginger for a reset.
2/4x Pretty Balanced

white peach + lemon verbena + moringa + ashwagandha to calm and balance, nourish and recover.

ashwagandha kind of started it all for adaptogens... and it changed EVERYTHING.

this you? lives a full life, but needs a clear head and steady energy levels to keep going all day. say hello to a beverage full of antioxidant and phytonutrient rich ingredients like white peach, moringa, and lemon verbena.

2/4x Pretty Happy

passion fruit + cacao + vanilla bean + rhodiola to boost mood, sharpen focus, fight fatigue.

rhodiola is yet another adaptogen that supports our energy levels and helps our body focus.

cacao, passion fruit and vanilla are anxiety-reducing, skin-hydrating, mood-boosting ingredients that make pretty happy, uh, pretty happy.

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Sylvia Shettler

These are really satisfying, a great alternative to soda pop.