Droplet - Pretty Happy


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355 mL
uplift & energize
What makes you feel good? Pour out a shot of Passion Fruit, used traditionally in many cultures to keep the blues away, and then add cacao for mood-lifting, heart-opening flavonoids, and vanilla, for its comforting vibe. Top it off with rhodiola, a star adaptogen, to help your body focus and maintain energy levels without the jitters of caffeine.  



she brings all warm vibes

light carbonation for a fruity and vanilla forward beverage perfect for a mood boost

when you and your spirit need a boost!



how does energy without the jitters of coffee sound? thank our friend rhodiola for that. add some extra mood boosting, skin-energising ingredients and you've got pretty happy.

rhodiola is yet another adaptogen that supports our energy levels and helps our body focus.
cacao, passion fruit and vanilla are anxiety-reducing, skin-hydrating, mood-boosting ingredients that make pretty happy, pretty happy.

passion fruit
organic rhodiola extract
cacao absolute
vanilla bean
organic coconut nectar


passion fruit rhodiola cacao
tropical, flavorful, tastes like a vacation a mood-improving and energizing root, minus the caffeine. tastes like happiness and flavonoids