Crossip Pure Hibiscus Canada and USA - 0% alcohol spirit - award winning taste
Crossip Non-Alcoholic Spirit Canada - Free shipping and delivery - award winning alcohol free spirit
Crossip Non-Alcoholic Spirit USA - Free shipping - hangover free cocktails and mixed drinks
Low calorie, low sugar, gluten free drinks that taste good - crossip pure hibiscus is delicious
Crossip Pure Hibiscus - the best natural ingredients to make tasty negronis, spritz and more
powerful, intense, full-bodied, mature spirit - the NA non-alcoholic option you are looking for - you gotta try this
Pure Hibiscus makes the best spritzes, negronis, amaretto sours, sangrias, garibaldis and more

Crossip - Pure Hibiscus

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500 mL - Italian Bitter or Aperitif Spirit - 0.0%
"A captivating flavour experience - ​​We taste-tasted the incredible CROSSIP Pure Spritz and it gets a big thumbs up from us” - The Independent

Opening with floral notes of hibiscus, cubeb and rhubarb, the body develops adding herbal bitterness to the fruit and florals. It finishes with wormwood and cayenne for a long after taste.

Perfect for a 0% Spritz or Negroni



Due to the intensity and boldness of the flavour, all CROSSIP Non-Alcoholic Spirits are designed to be used in 25ml measures to make a simple serve with a premium mixer.
With 20 servings per 50cl bottle, CROSSIP goes further than other non-alcoholic spirits who require 50ml or 60ml measures.



Hibiscus, Cubeb, Eucalyptus, Wormwood, Cayenne, Rhubarb Essence, Black Pepper, Ginger, Clove, Gentian, Vegetable Glycerin, Water


Potassium Sorbatе, Sodium Benzoate, Ascorbic Аcid, Citric Аcid


Due to the natural ingredients used in production, sediment and some variation in colour is normal. Shake before use.

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