Wildfolk - botanical alcohol free drinks - canadian made


    Wildfolk - botanically brewed zero proof cocktails for anywhere, anytime - non-alchoholic drinks Canada

    Botanically brewed, zero-proof cocktails ready to drink anytime, anywhere.
    Just chill, swirl, crack and sip! Complex flavours meet silky texture for curious balance.



    Wildfolk - non-alcoholic cocktails - delicious cocktails wildfolk variety pack - great drinks for anyone, anytime, anywhere - gluten free - alcohol free - organic - non GMO


    Wild Folk emphasizes ingredients that support a commitment to sustainable development and a low impact on the environment.

    We source local and global integral products, use artisanal quality, fair-trade and hand-harvested when available, and showcase seasonality and locality in all our brews. 

    Made up of a complex blend of herbs, botanicals, and citrus rind, Wild Folk leaves imbibers without the hangover, but with a refreshing sense of belonging. The real liquid confidence.