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The aroma presents vibrant essences of fresh pine, juniper berries, dried citrus, candied lemon, fresh spearmint, chalk, and wet earth. Dhōs Gin Free offers a unique combination of hot and cooling sensations on the palate, starting with warming spice and fading to a refreshing menthol and licorice root on the finish. 

There is a coriander and fennel seed spice and intensity in the aroma that fades to flavors of wintergreen and spearmint that persist on the palate in a traditional gin-influenced fashion. This tasty non-alcoholic spirit leaves a balanced combination of spice and earth-influenced flavors reminiscent of traditional Gin and leaves the palate inspired to take another sip.



Dhōs Gin Free is sugar-free and zero calories! Reduce calories by over 96 per serving with a 'Low-Dhos' gin & tonic! Simply replace your favorite gin in your mixed drink & enjoy.



Gin Free is produced with steam distilled pure Juniper Berry oil combined with other natural flavors of orange and grapefruit which are cold pressed to retain complex flavors and intense aromatics. Gin Free is made with all-natural flavors and is lab tested and certified pesticide-free.  



Water, Juniper Berry Extract, Polysorbate 80, Citric Acid, French Orange Liqueur Type Extract, Xanthan Gum, Cardamom Extract, Organic Juniper Berry Oil, Sodium Benzoate, Sorbic Acid, Capsicum Extract, Stevia, Anise Oil Extract, Naturual Grapefruit Zest Oil Extract, Coriander Seed Oil, Caraway Seed Oil, Menthol, Vanillin.

Dhōs products are Clean Label Project certified.

Customer Reviews

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Genevieve B
Tastes like real gin, great in mocktails

I love this NA gin. It’s great mixed with soda, or 7-Up/Sprite, but my partner makes me a drink with this gin plus ginger beer and fresh squeezed lemon which is amazing too. I definitely will be drinking many more bottles and it actually is priced very well compared to a lot of other NA spirits. It is heavy on the juniper but has a background floral flavour and pretty realistic “burn” with capsicum. If you like(d) gin but are sober now this definitely hits the spot.

Dorothy Olafson

I like it, has that burn like alchol, but can taste the peppery taste. The peppery flavour is not awful, but I would like a stronger juniper flavour. I was a Gordon’s Gin drinker, and now I am wondering if I am just forgetting the taste.😢

Bryan Watts

Love the taste with cucumber tonic water👍

Jennifer Toews

Very nice flavour. Goes well with Cesars

Scratches my G&T itch!

I first sampled Dhos and was knocked off my feet with the botanicals and I actually shied away from it. After sampling others and not getting my G&T fix, I tried it again, this time with tonic water. Bam! That's the secret. A little sugar to balance and the bubbles to cut through. I actually do half & half tonic and soda stream now, with less than an ounce of Dhos over ice with lime. I'd advise starting with a small amount of Dhos as a little goes a long way for me.