Hai Tea - Mojito


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355 mL - Tea Beverage - Alcohol Free
Take a sip of happiness...
Hai Tea releases feel good endorphins with each sip

Created with all-natural organic ingredients, including freshly squeezed lime, lemon and mint, Mojito Hai Tea is the epitome of a refreshing alcohol-alternative. Each ingredient is specifically selected to awaken your taste buds and cure pangs of thirst. It is bright and fresh, sweet, and minty and always delightfully sparkling. This perfect drink is a great source of Vitamin C and antioxidants which help to maintain your body's energy and give your skin a beautiful glow by rejuvenating it from within.

vegan - non GMO - gluten free - all natural/organic - caffeine free - low calorie


Hai Tea refreshes the palate with savoury botanicals combined with the mild sweetness from organic agave.  With a touch of tannins and a body similar to beer, it is best served ice cold.



Bright fresh citrus with a refreshing finish


INGREDIENTS (all organic)

carbonated water, blue agave syrup, damiana, herbal tea, lime, citric acid, mint, lemon


NUTRITION (Per 1 can (355 mL))

Calories 60 

Fat / Lipides 0 g 

Carbohydrate / Glucides 15 g

Sugar / Sucres 13 g

Protein / Protéines 0 g

Potassium 75 mg

Calcium 10 mg

Customer Reviews

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Tracy M

I really enjoyed this drink. It is more mojito inspired than actually attempting to taste like a true mojito, but not in a bad way. Has mint and lime flavours but with the tea coming in as well. I would definitely get this one again.