for your best self

    Droplet is far more than a sparkling beverage.

    Packed full of adaptogens and superfoods, it's self-care in every sip. It's plant magic meets science meets female founders invested in your wellness.

    fresh with a purpose

    Our formulas and ingredients are minimally processed and free of artificial chemicals, which is what we feel is most beneficial for the environment and our bodies. We use only fresh fruit and the finest organic and/or wildcrafted extracts to create our beverages, which may lead to very slight variations in color or flavor from batch to batch. Just like flowers, no two are identical— but each has its own beauty.


    Ingredient Origin Purpose
    Ashwagandha India Adaptogen
    Cacao France Aromatherapy
    Coconut Nectar Thailand Natural Sweetener
    Ginger California Superfood
    Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Pakistan Electrolytes
    Lemon Juice California Natural Preservative
    Lemon Verbena France Aromatherapy
    Moringa India Superfood
    Passion Fruit Vietnam Superfood
    Reishi Mushroom China Adaptogen
    Rhodiola Canada Adaptogen
    White Peach California Whole Fruit
    Vanilla Bean Madagascar Aromatherapy
    Yuzu Japan Aromatherapy


     Adaptogens are non-toxic herbs + botanicals that help the human body adapt to stress. What ancient herbalists knew, modern science has confirmed.

    These aren’t your typical home remedies, these are science-backed natural bio-regulators! Read on for a list of our favorite adaptogens and superfoods and learn more about how they can help you bring balance to your life.


    droplet’s adaptogens 

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    ashwagandha rhodiola rosea reishi mushrooms
    for managing our stress levels to increase stamina and lower stress
    to boost immunity, revitalize, and rejuvenate

    superfoods have high levels of essential and nourishing vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients.

    we look at them like nature’s nutritional shortcut— a little bit goes a long way when it comes to good nutrition.


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    ginger yuzu passion fruit cacao vanilla bean
    gut soothing brain booster stress management mood boosting antioxidant open your heart and mind comfort
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    white peach moringa lemon verbena ashwagandha
    gut soothing antioxidants memory booster muscle recovery adn weight management

    Checkout Droplet's website for more in-depth information about all of their adaptogens and superfoods.