The breakthrough science of Fulvic Fusion™ Technology, used in all blk. products, infuses Fulvic Acid in pure alkaline water.

    Now depleted, our water and top soil were once rich with fulvic acid; a naturally occurring compound with extraordinary characteristics containing all the building blocks of life:


    Up to 102 trace minerals





    Amino Acids



    Once upon a time, everything we ate had fulvic in it and the millions of cells we burned off every minute were reconstituted with fulvic. Today, virtually nothing we eat has fulvic in it. Our cells are deprived.

    blk. rediscovered nature’s secret hiding just below the earth’s surface. FulvicFusionTM brings this to you in a delicious beverage.



    Each of the amazing components of fulvic acid helps your body in a different way. Together they work as a symphony. The scientifically reported benefits of fulvic help your body do better what it naturally does best including:


    nutrient absorption increases energy   promotes healthy skin  naturally detoxifies
    immune system support   reduce inflammation  reduce recovery time  support gut health