blk. - Original Alkaline Water

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500 mL
A Healthy Functional Water

blk. Original is delicious, refreshing water, mineral rich, high pH, packed with electrolytes. A smooth and refreshing blend of fulvic trace minerals and polyphenols that tastes exactly like water. Our mixture of trace minerals is what gives blk. its’ distinct black color. With benefits for an active life and the purity of water, blk. is the next step in the evolution of water. Zero calories, sugars, caffeine, flavoring or dyes. Not only does it taste AMAZING, but if you replace your regular water with blk. it enhances your: coffee, tea, smoothie, health shake as well!

Whether staying hydrated at the gym, nightclub or beach, blk. athletes require more from their water. They need water infused with the powerful vitamins and trace minerals that will help them achieve and maintain optimal performance.



So how can we describe the taste of something so pure, so crisp and refreshing in just a few words? Simply put, blk. original tastes like water. But not just any water! No! What you have here is pure, alkaline rich water that not only tastes great by itself but also enhances things you already drink like coffee, tea, shakes and smoothies.



Not all water is created equal. When it comes to bottled water, some brands just don’t stand up to blk. Our range of wellness essentials are created to deliver full-spectrum, transformational health benefits to uniquely impact your performance. Take a blk. with you each day for on-the-go energy that keeps you hydrated. Replenish lost electrolytes and fuel your workouts. From speeding up recovery time, to supporting healthy skin, hair and nails, our functional beverages give you the convenience of incorporating powerful antioxidants and over 77+ trace minerals into your diet.


keto - vegan - micro-nutrients - gluten free - kosher - all natural



Purified water infused with trace minerals. That’s it!