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Free Spirits - The Spirit of Tequila

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The Spirit of Tequila is made in the spirit of the great oaky, vanilla-kissed Reposado Tequilas. A fiery, earthy non-alcoholic alternative to Tequila, The Spirit of Tequila is made with all natural flavors and functional ingredients to awaken your taste buds, help elevate your mood and recharge your body.

The Spirit of Tequila will ignite the moment and keep the conversation on the sunny side of the street.


vegan - gluten free - 5 calories - functional



With an earthy, spicy nose and a smoky, agave-forward palate.  Made in the spirit of the great oaky, vanilla-kissed Reposado Tequilas, The Spirit of Tequila will take your cocktail experience to new heights.



Instead of Alcohol, they infuse each of their products with vitamins B3, B6 and natural Aminos like Taurine that your body naturally produces to aid in all kinds of good stuff, including helping your overall mood.



Water, Natural Flavor, Sugar, D-Ribose, Citric Acid, Taurine, Niacin (Vitamin B3), Potassium Sorbate (as a preservative), Fruit and Vegetable Juice (for color), Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6). 

Customer Reviews

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W. B.

Haven't tried it yet. Going to use my brother as unsuspecting taster.😁

David Janeson
my favorite

With Coke it makes a nice sipping drink with a nice tequila bite to it.