Good Neighbour Sparkling Hop Water Canada USA - amarillo hops & grapefruit - gluten free vegan low calorie low sugar - all natural real fruit infused - non GMO
sparkling hop water Canada - refreshing alcohol free beverage - great tasting carbonated beverage

Good Neighbour - Sparkling Hop Water with Grapefruit & Amarillo Hops

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355 mL - 0%

A zero-alcohol, filtered carbonated water blended with hops and loads of fresh fruit. 

This filtered carbonated water is infused with fresh grapefruit* and steeped with Amarillo hops that blend to bring forward vibrant, sweet citrus flavours.

*real fruit - no extracts, nothing artificial



vegan - gluten free - low sugar - low calorie - non GMO - nothing artificial


hydrating h2o beverage - hop water Canada H2O

Keeping you hydrated

fresh fruit in sparkling hop water FRESH FRUIT

Naturally sweetened using real, fresh fruit.
No artificial flavours here.

hops - sparkling water infused with hops - great tasting drinks Canada HOPS

The bitterness, aroma and flavour in beer?
That's hoppiness.  Good Neighbour uses carefully selected hops to impart all of your favourite flavours into a non-alcoholic option.

carbonated - crisp and refreshing drinks Canada BUBBLES

Crafted using filtered carbonated water.  Refreshing and crisp.

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