Edenvale Chardonnay Canada - Alcohol Free Wine from Australia - Great Tasting Dry White Wine - Tastes like real wine!
Edenvale Wine Canada - non-alcoholic - alcohol removed - de-alcoholized wine - great tasting
Edenvale Chardonnay - vegan, gluten free, sustainable vineyard - great tasting white wine - alcohol free - non-alcoholic
edenvale chardonnay nutrition facts - low calorie wine

Edenvale - Chardonnay

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750 mL - Australia

A well balanced, deliciously smooth Australian Chardonnay characterised by fresh fruit aromas, and flavours of stone fruits and hint of oak. Rich melon, citrus and apple flavours combined with some subtle oak characters add real complexity.

Proudly made from only the best selected South Eastern Australian wine grapes, this premium alcohol removed wine contains less than 0.5% alcohol by volume well below the international standard for non-intoxicating and a level similar to that found in natural fruit juices.

vegan - gluten free - sustainable vineyard



The richer texture of Chardonnay makes this fuller white wine varietal a great match for a variety of foods, especially poultry, pork, salmon, mild cheeses and creamy sauces.


De-alcoholised wine (94% approx.) grape juice concentrate (6% approx.) Less than 0.5% alcohol. Contains sulphites. Vegan. Certified Sustainable Vineyard. Gluten-Free.

Customer Reviews

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Decent flovour

It has the aroma of a young wine and tastes decent. Lacks the full dryness and flavour of a Chardonnay.

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