Three Spirit Canada - Social Elixir - alcohol free pwered by plants - adaptogenic and functional spirit - Three Spirit Drinks Canada
Three Spirit Drinks - Non Alcoholic Spirits Canada - Social Elixir - dark, herbal - natural blissful feeling
heart opening cacao, nootropic lion&
Three Spirit - alcohol free drinking experiences that elevate and enrich
Social Elixir - Three Spirit - Vegan, gluten free, nothing artificial, ethically sourced, clean
Three Spirit Canada - host with confidence, responsible choices - espresso martini
make perfect non-alcoholic cocktails or mocktails that still elevate mood and energize - light and stormy, espresso martini, social summer cup, social spritz, mulled social cider
alcohol free Three Spirit Canada - Social Elixir Canada

Three Spirit - Social Elixir

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500 mL - The Mood Maker

This dark herbal elixir is the ultimate social companion and mood elevator. Natural, blissful feeling with lion’s mane mushroom, yerba mate and damiana. Full-bodied and bittersweet with a curious savory bite.



A little floaty and flirty from damiana, tulsi and cacao which combine to lift spirits and reduce inhibitions. After three doses, you’ll be the life and soul of the party!



From powerful plants comes powerful flavors! Bright, dry spices on the nose lead to rich, complex dark apple and cacao notes.


non-alcoholic - ethically sourced & sustainably packaged - no artificial colours or flavors - 26 cal/serving - vegan & gluten free



Filtered water, agave nectar, botanical extracts of; (caraway seed, damiana leaf, lion’s mane mushroom, yerba mate, passion flower, tulsi, cacao bean, green tea), coconut vinegar, blackstrap molasses, black carrot concentrate, potassium sorbate for freshness, Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), vitamins; B3 (Niacin), B6 (Pyridoxine), B7 (Biotin) and B12 (Cobalamin).

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Alena M.
Your new pre-game

Social Elixir is a tasty bittersweet concoction with a warmth that gives me mulled wine vibes. I tried it both the recommended way (with ginger ale) and neat - both are great.

This stuff gives me a heck of a buzz. It’s the perfect kickoff to a night out. Doubly perfect when I wake up feeling fine the next morning. Blessings all around!

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