Three Spirit elixirs Canada

    Three Spirit Canada - Non-Alcoholic Elixirs Spirits Wines

    A brand new feeling

    Our drinks combine plants used for centuries to stimulate the palate, mind, and body. More energy, deeper sleeps, connections enhanced.

    Botanical Alchemy

    Alchemy is a celebration of what goes into a drink rather than what is taken out. It’s at the heart of everything we do; from the plants we combine in our drinks, to the blending of minds and different expertise of the people who make them.

    three spirit - brand new drinking experience

    Active ingredients

    Adaptogens, nootropics, herbs, distillates + ferments.

    Simple to mix

    Delicious on the rocks, with a mixer + in cocktails.


    With over 10 awards for flavor + function.

    three spirit elixirs canada - adaptogenic, functional alcohol free drinks with benefits Three Spirit Canada - uplifting, relaxing, energizing

    Blended by bartenders + plant scientists

    Together we are focused on maximising the functional potency of our drinks, carefully extracting the active compounds from the highest grade, ethically sourced plants we can get our hands on.

    Our processes are complex, delicate and take time - maceration, fermentation, distillation, reverse osmosis, freeze-drying, ultrasonic extraction - you name it, we’re pioneering it.

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