Our recipe is designed to reward your body with smart, real and unique ingredients like ginger, dandelion, lemon balm, bergamot, Yerba Matte, Grape Seed, and Gentian Root. A combination that you can feel good about and enjoy sipping or mixing.


    Tenneyson Black Ginger Canada - unique non-alcoholic spirit - sip with intention
     Non-alcoholic drinks that are tasty unique delicious - replace alcohol with something great - enjoy life hangover free

    Bold | Flavorful | Complex


     Tenneyson Black Ginger - We believe that a night well spent motivates you to get the most out of every day, so we crafted the world's most flavorful and complex, booze-free spirit so it's easy to sip with intention.




    sip neat, on the rocks, or in a cocktail - tenneyson black ginger non-alcoholic spirit - plant based - live life on your own terms


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    enjoy alcohol free drinks with no hangover - low calorie, no added sugar - non-alcoholic neat or on the rocks
    Tenneyson - Black Ginger