Strykk Canada - not Rum - alcohol free rum canada
non-alcoholic rum canada - all the spirit, none of the alcohol
cuba libre without alcohol - great tasting alcohol free drinks
strykk not rum canada - low calorie, vegan, all natural - alcohol free rum cocktails - dark and stormy, rum and coke

Strykk - Not Rum

Regular price$30.00

700 mL - 0% Alcohol

All The Spirit, None Of The Alcohol!

An authentic non-alcoholic rum with the same distilled flavour profile as a top-notch alcoholic one - that means subtle notes of vanilla, raisin, oakwood and sugarcane.


all natural - zero sugar - zero alcohol - nothing artificial - vegan suitable - gluten free



Make it the key component in your Mojito, rum & cola, dark & stormy, or an alcohol-free Cuba Libre cocktail.


chilled filtered water, glycerol, caramel (colour), natural flavourings and distillates, phosphoric acid

Preservatives: socium benzoate, potassium sorbate

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nice entry into the Spice rum section

This is a pleasant addition to my evening bevvies. The spice tends to lean more towards vanilla, maybe a bit of cloves on my palette. I mixed it with a little Kentucky 74 Spiced spirit to add a bit of cinnamon and it was great with a bit of coke on ice. The price is also a plus.

Dan Sulipa
Great tasting non-alcoholic rum

We tried most of the non-alcoholic runs available. This is the one we like best so far. Also it’s the only one we’ve found that gives you a bit of a burn going down similar to what you get when you drink regular rum/alcohol. It’s the closest taste to rum with alcohol.

Trish C
I Love STRYKK - Not Rum

It takes like Cherry Coke. I love the taste and don’t have to worry about the alcohol content. Thank you, Sobr Market, for making this available in Winnipeg.

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