{Lout’ us} [Latin]: 
    pure, elegant and sumptuous.

    In 2017 Reg Holder of Holder Vineyard & Wines (Pty) Ltd launched the first de-alcoholised wine in South Africa. He was on a mission to produce a non-alcoholic wine that would portray the beautiful complexity, elegance and finesse of a premium wine.

    Lautus De-Alcoholised Wines are crafted using cutting edge technology and techniques to stay on the forefront of the industry and to become the leading South African producer in the de-alcoholised category.

    As with all wine, the true heroes are the vineyards. By using selected sites that produce wines of high aromatic complexity and balance, we have managed to produce a truly exceptional wine experience.
    Today, you can find Lautus in all major retail outlets and top-rated restaurants in South Africa. With Lautus, you should never be limited by choice.

    The finer choice.