Dry January Party Pack Canada - big sales on everything non-alcoholic
Dry January Party Pack - alcohol free sales Canada - phony negroni, venetian spritz, old fashioned, ritual rum, lautus wine, alavie sparkling aperitif

Dry Feb - Hosting Bundle

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Choice of Alavie
Choice of Ritual

Having a small get together during Dry January?  Here's a little bit of everything to try out with your guests:

- Choice of Alavie Sparkling Aperitif

- Choice of Ritual Zero Proof Spirit

- Lautus Savvy Red Wine

- Lautus Sauvignon Blanc Wine

- Spiritless Old Fashioned x 2

- St. Agrestis Phony Negroni x 2 - Temporarily OUT OF STOCK - will be replaced with Wildfolk Negroni until restock

- Mavrik Venetian Spritz x 2

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As really great! Every thing I’ve tried has been tasty and a good way to still have a festive drink