Brite Water


    brite water - sustainable great tasting carbonated water made in Manitoba

    made with high-quality, all-natural extracts and filtered, dechlorinated water



    brite water - sparkling water Canada USA take a sip, promote our future, made in winnipeg, be here now


    Water is a precious resource. Preserve its future while you drink it.

    Reduce your footprint

    brite water isn’t like the sparkling water cans that have to be shipped from all over the world. It’s made in your own backyard. This drastically shrinks the carbon footprint required to make and deliver those delicious bubbles.

    A can with a (re)purpose

    Choosing aluminum is always the right choice. As a resource that is infinitely recyclable, it wins over plastic and once again lessens the environmental burden that comes with manufacturing.

    Consume consciously

    brite water is zero-proof, zero-sweetener and zero-calorie. It is a local Manitoba product that uses high-quality ingredients and shares equipment with a local brewery. It’s here to encourage conscious consumption. Question where your water comes from and the values of the brand you choose to support.

    clean fresh water