UNDONE - No.8 Not Vermouth
UNDONE - No.8 Not Vermouth

UNDONE - No.8 Not Vermouth

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750 mL

UNDONE NO. 8 is your non-alcoholic alternative to a classic Vermouth. The non-alcoholic Italian Aperitivo carries the smell of typical aromatic wormwood herb and honey-sweet peach



The aroma and taste of an Italian vermouth in your glass, only without the alcohol. The nose offers the sweetness of fresh grapes combined with Mediterranean herbal scents such as thyme. On the palate a full bouquet of sweet orange, ginger and herb notes unfolds, followed by a slightly bitter aftertaste.


Serve with a delicious tonic, on an ice cold (non-alcoholic) Rosé Secco or even straight on ice.



With UNDONE you can now enjoy the taste of your favourite cocktails without the side effects of alcohol! Drink what you want, when you want. Go out, have fun, meet your friends, enjoy that time to the fullest. And if you want to experience it without alcohol, UNDONE might be your alternative for an unforgettable evening.

  • Vegan, gluten-free, low-calorie, with natural flavors.
  • Alcoholic content <0.3% vol. – alcohol-free according to EU directive.
  • Based on alcoholic wines with subsequent dealcoholization.
  • Once opened consume within 8 weeks. Store in a cool place. Protect from sunlight